What’s going on?


What´s going on ? from Léa Larrieu

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Topics : Environment, Polar bear
Format : A5 landscape, adhesive binding, softcover
Pages : 28
ISBN English : 978-3-95858-128-9
ISBN French : 978-3-95858-123-4
ISBN German : 978-3-95858-124-1
Fr-En : 978-3-95858-129-6
Fri-De : 978-3-95858-125-8
De-En : 978-3-95858-130-2
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Price : 10 €
Release date : February 6th, 2017
Age : + 1


Do you know me? I am a polar bear.

I live on the Sea ice. Here, everything is white, everything is beautiful.

But since some time, the sea brings strange things which I don´t know.


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