Press Pack – The Scarlet Strings

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Autor: Andréa Deslacs
Translation from french: Prof. ABM ARROUAS (France) & Erina GEORGE, M.A., (Belfast)

ISBN : 978-3-95858-258-3
e-ISBN: 978-3-95858-259-0

Publication: June 3rd, 2019

MoTopics: short novel, fantasy
Format: A5, adhesive binding, softcover
Pages: 96


The Scarlet Strings
To celebrate the Prince’s birthday, Artzel, a young talented violinist, performs a piece of music in the palace. As soon as the first note resounds, music experts and ordinary guests get charmed under the spell of his white violin with scarlet strings. Artzel and his master are the only ones to know that the music score is incomplete. The urge to know the full score haunts the two musicians…When a passion seizes souls, what to expect next?

Serene Alyscamps
In the famous graveyard in Arles, Alyscamps feels he must stay there. However, a small bit of paper prompts him his next mission, away from the graves and birds which live in this peaceful place, rich in memories. Alyscamps is not allowed to forget. His origin and his deeds haunt his memory; would they soften his hand while he carries more vile murders? Have we ever met a more melancholy murderer?

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Extract 1 – The Scarlet Strings

Extract 2 – The Scarlet Strings
Extract 3 – Serene Alyscamps