The unicorn who caught a cold


The unicorn who caught a cold, from Mélanie Grenier

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Product informations:
Topics: Animals, Magie
Format: 17 x 17 cm, adhesive binding, softcover
Pages: 32
ISBN French: 978-3-95858-240-8
ISBN Englich: 978-3-95858-241-5
ISBN German: 978-3-95858-265-1
Wholesalers: Nats Editions, Sodis, Libris, KNV, Umbreit, Ingram Lightning Source…
Price: 10,50 €
Release date: 18 mars 2019
Age: + 1


Capricorne the unicorn has caught a cold!
Atchoo! Atchoo!
With her enchanted horn, she transforms her pet friends…

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